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Origin Stories

ABZ Games was initially a bits service website for infinity, it then changed ownership to Kit Wright which he expanded to provide hard to get game lines locally. Kit and others created a gaming group called “The Geek Room” out of a local pub in Aberdeen. He then decided to open a shop in the Aberdeen market, it became popular and they outgrew over time. There was a call for evening and weekend gaming which the market couldn’t provide, so they moved to the current location of 197 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen. At that time merged “The Geek Room” into now evening opening shop. We continue to grow within the community and serve as Aberdeen’s only independent gaming store.

Within the store we have 6ftx4ft and 4ft x 4ft gaming tables for playing various tabletop, board and card games. With more tables downstairs for other board and card games.
The shop has a family friendly atmosphere, where we sell hot and cold snacks and drinks, we also supply hobby, miniature and paint materials.
We host different Events and Demos, if you require any specific demo you can drop us a line and we can arrange this for you.
We also have a painting table where customers can come in paint their models/miniatures if they do not require to play any games or they can ask for advice.



I've been playing since about 1993, started playing DnD during lunch hours at school, moved into 40k and fantasy. Being part of ABZ Games has allowed me to expand to the game systems I butterfly towards.
Favourite Game: Wild West Exodus
Favourite Army: Hex Confederates, Soviets, White Scars


I've been playing games for 26 years.
Favourite Game: Bolt Action
Favourite Army: Chaos Dwarves, Imperial Guard, British


I started gaming about 1990 playing homebrew rpg games and quickly getting into tabletop wargaming with fantasy battle. Ive since expanded both my minis collection and games collection to cover pretty much all genres of the tabletop gaming scene.
Favourite Game: Infinity
Favourite Army: Nomads, Chaos, and Finns

The Help

Tanya - Till Monkey

Tanya comes into the shop at weekends and does various jobs for the shop and the website. Additionally puts up with Kelman and Kit's cr*p
Favourite Game: Lightseekers, Walking Dead Board Game

Gary - Logistics and supply chain

Keeps the snacks, sweets and smackery stocked.

Gabriel and Melissa - Till Monkeys

Emilie - Till Monkey

Emilie is our youngest customer who visits the shop at weekends and likes to help out by stocking up the shelves and fridge, she also likes to help out behind the till by serving customers.
Favourite Game: Shadespire, Wild West Exodus, Lightseekers